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Pictish Trail Tours


These tours are aimed at people interested in the Picts a People that inhabited large parts of Scotland, although you will see scenery and additional items on the tours they are fore mostly aimed at students, historians and those with an interest in early Scottish History, and who wish to delve into the history of the Picts.


The Picts were the inhabitants of a large part of Scotland from before the time the Romans arrived until around 900 A.D.

The Picts were a very powerful and rich race who traded with distant lands and resisted Christianity.

Very little is know about the Picts but we do have some of their art and the stones they erected. One of the most impressive being Suenos Stone which commemorates a long lost battle possibly against the Vikings.

The tours are split into a Highland Tour and a Southern tour which is either the second part of a two day tour or as an alternative tour to Pictavia and Abelemno


Northern Pictish Trail. #1

Starting in Inverness we view the Boar Stone.  Travelling to the Groam House museum at Rosemarkie on the Black Isle. The choice is then to continue towards Dunrobbin to the museum housing nearly 20 stones, stopping to view the Shandwick Stone enroute. (During the Castle opening season). Alternatively the route takes us to Tarbet Centre Portmahomack.

Price £TBC


Northern Pictish Trail #2

This tour is as number 1 above but after Rosemarkie we turn south and travel to view the Rodney Stone at Brodie and then on to probably the most impressive of the Pictish Stones Suenoes at Forres before reurning back to Inverness with a visit to Clava Cairns or Inverness Castle to view the Torq 

Price £TBC


Two day Pictish Trail

Departing as #1 or #2 above we finish our day back in Inverness. On day two we travel towards Brechin in Angus and to Pictavia viewing the Dunfallandy Stone near Pitlochry on route. Arriving at Brechin in time for lunch at Pictavia, we tour Pictavia before heading to Aberlemno to view four stones with probably the most famous of all the Aberlemno stone shown below.

P.O.A for the two days with return in Inverness additional charge for finish in Glasgow or Edinburgh


The number one tour above can be incorporated into an Invergordon Shore Excursion


Suenos Stone                  Aberlemno Stone                  Rodney Stone             Maiden Stone                                

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