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General Information about the UK and Custom Tours.


Attractions in Scotland are from three main providers, Historic Scotland who have properties like Edinburgh Castle, the National Trust of Scotland with Culloden Battlefield, and Private operators with properties amongst many like Eilean Donan Castle or Cawdor Castle, Scone Palace etc;

Both Historic Scotland and the National Trust of Scotland will try and sell you their pass however that pass will only gain you entry to their properties.
The only pass suggested for consideration when travelling is the Scottish Heritage Pass which allows entry to both organisations sites and some private places.

However you should check whether this pass is value to where you visit

Currency in the United Kingdom

The currency is the Pound Sterling £ the Euro is not widely used although some shops and properties will accept Euro notes but may give change in £Sterling.

US Dollars are not normally accepted although maybe used to tip.

Credit Cards are universally accepted and you should get the wholesale rate on your transaction rather than the tourist rate. Cards that you may have difficulty with are American Express and Diners and you should check the vendor to see what cards they take, MasterCard and Visa are the normal cards accepted most  Credit and Debit cards or smart phone payment Apps have contactless options up to around £100/$100.

Weather can be varied in the Highlands and its not unknown to have all four seasons in one day. Generally June, July, August and September are best for weather, however that also means attractions will be busy. Also accommodation in many popular places , and in short supply.

March, April, May and October are quieter but more prone to changeable weather. Advise is always to have an extra sweater and light jacket when travelling with a bottle of sunscreen in case the sun comes out.

Electricity in the United Kingdom  is 230 Volts at 50 Hz (frequency)

Whilst most of Europe is on the same Voltage and frequency, they use different plugs.

Cruise ships generally have both U.S. 110 Volt and 230 Volts but they may have their own dedicated voltage.

In the UK you will not find electrical outlets in bathroom (restroom) except for low voltage outlets for shavers.

If travelling you should have a UK adapter and check that the electrical appliances you have with you can operate at the supply voltage. 


Accommodation in Inverness.

It is always difficult to recommend accommodation as clients budgets and preferences are not known, booking websites like can be useful, and we will always give our comments but these will be restricted to location and previous clients feedback. Inverness is a busy place in Summer and accommodation can be in short supply early booking is highly recommended.

Accommodation in Places like Portree (Skye) Fort William and Edinburgh again is booked months in advance so early reservations are always recommended,

Email for recommendations.

Inverness is very busy during the summer months and restaurants, bars & Cafe's to eat in the evening can be difficult to get reservations, more so on Friday and Saturdays.


Gratuities depend on business generally 10-15% of bill, but pubs serving food are at discretion. Taxis, hairdressers, guides and hotel porters dependant on service and what you have paid. Taxi fares maybe round up to the next £ or two dependant on journey distance. Porters a one or two pounds per bag depending on amount of baggage etc';




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