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Inverness Custom and Bespoke Tours of Scotland


Looking for a  something different a Private Tour of Scotland and the Highlands crafted by you.

Let us together create your ideal tour of Scotland and the Highlands.

Tour for as long as you need going anywhere exploring this great land. 

Starting from anywhere in Scotland with Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow being the most popular starting places but as the tour is private anywhere can be the start point and travelling to see the places and peoples you are interested in, returning if required to any departure city or airport.

Booking of these tours needs careful planning and with our years of experience of touring Scotland can bring experience to play in helping you plan your once in a lifetime tour.

Inverness bespoke day tours are normally eight hours from 09:00 until 17:00 although maybe longer due to ferry times etc;

Custom tours prices included ferries, guides overnight, etc; for up to 7 Passengers 

making the private tour affordable for small family/group travel.

Compared with set tours from Edinburgh or Glasgow with the big operators and they will not allow you to change their tour visits, which are limited and some are drive by only, most of their guides can only do that set tour

HTG can send you examples of tours we have conducted in the past to give you an idea of what can be achieved and where you can travel too. Remember you decide where and how long you visit for

not the guide. Email with your thoughts and let us help plan your dream vacation.

Your overnight accommodation, your meals, and entries to sites are at your cost.

Remember to check hotel locations before booking the tour, we can help you not get stuck on an island overnight in a tent!

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