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Brahan Seer Tour from Inverness


Kenneth MacKenzie was known as the Brahan Seer on this tour we piece together his life with a tour around the Inverness area. Including Dingwall, Strathpeffer, Beauly, Inverness, Culloden, Channory Point, Fortrose Cathedral and Brahan.


Although his story is one of the 17th centurys strangest, his many predictions have come true. Unlike Nostradamus he did not make his stories of the future in riddles and many like Nostradamus have yet to come to true, he is the most famous of the Highland Seers (Seers were people both male and female who could fortell the future).

This tour available all year is from 6 to 8 hours making it ideal for a winter tour.

Tour price from £240- £320 depending on time of year.


                                                         Inverness Castle Shown Below

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